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Reasons to Consider New Furnace Installation

Are you interested in getting your furnace replaced? Or perhaps you have a new home and want to add a heating system before winter. In these situations, it’s time to schedule an appointment for furnace installation. 

Installing a new furnace on your property comes with numerous benefits.

Lower Energy Expenses

Many new furnaces are highly efficient. As a result, they use less energy to operate, meaning they can reduce your energy bills.

Increased Reliability

Furnaces grow more and more likely to break down as they get older. A new furnace can provide you with peace of mind throughout the winter months and help you avoid repair costs.

Comfortable Heat

Newer furnaces can heat your home evenly. We recommend considering furnace replacement if your old heating system was the wrong size. Improperly sized gas or electric furnaces often have serious problems heating a property.

Furnace Replacement Cost: How Much to Replace a Furnace?

Do you have questions about furnace replacement costs in Orfordville, WI? It’s natural to ask how much to replace a furnace if you’re considering updating your heating system. 

However, the cost to install a new furnace often varies significantly based on the kind of heating system you want. Your previous heating system may also impact the cost to get a new system set up. Technicians may need to remove the old system before starting installation.

Installation costs also vary based on the size of your house. For example, technicians may need to install significantly more ductwork if you have a larger home. Keep these factors in mind when contacting us to get a price estimate. 

Where to Find Furnace Installation Near Me?

Are you asking yourself, “How can I get furnace installation near me?” Our team at Rock Valley Services, Inc. takes care of heating system installation throughout the Orfordville, WI area. We put decades of experience and training to work when you contact us about an installation. 

Our technicians have the skills and cutting-edge equipment to take all the stress out of the installation process. We work quickly and efficiently to set up your new system and heat your home. 

Working with a locally owned and operated company makes it easy to get help if your furnace breaks down. We also offer furnace maintenance appointments to take care of your new heating system. 

Factors to Consider When Setting Up Furnace Replacement

You have several considerations to address when you plan on furnace replacement. First, review the types of furnaces that work for your property. For example, you may need to limit your options based on fuel type. 

Depending upon your needs, you may want to install a:

  • Gas furnace
  • Oil furnace
  • Electric furnace 


You could even consider switching to an HVAC system. These systems provide you with both heating and air conditioning services. 

Count on us to take care of furnace installation regardless of what system you choose. Reach out to Rock Valley Services, Inc. today at (608)-247-4949 to discuss your options and set up an appointment!

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