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We Offer AC Repair Orfordville WI if Your AC Stops Working

We understand the importance of getting professional help quickly if your AC breaks down in the summer. That’s why we offer prompt air conditioning repair service. Before you reach out to us, make sure that you:

  • Check your thermostat 
  • Adjust the temperature setting 
  • Make sure the circuit breaker didn’t trip 


Our HVAC technicians move quickly to help if you can’t resolve the issue independently. All our crew members receive extensive training and have experience handling cooling systems from different manufacturers. Rock Valley Services’ exceptional technicians know just what it takes to perform an AC repair Orfordville WI. 

AC Repair Orfordville WI

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Reasons You Need AC Repair Orfordville WI

Anytime your AC unit stops running, we recommend contacting the professionals for AC repair Orfordville WI. Certified technicians have the training and equipment to carry out repairs quickly. We understand how to help if you’re dealing with various problems. 

Broken Compressor Fan

Has your air conditioner started overheating? We often see this issue with units that have a broken compressor fan. Allowing your system to overheat may lead to additional damage, so contact us about a service appointment right away.

Frozen Condenser Coils

Sometimes, the condenser coils freeze on AC units. When this happens, the unit can no longer produce cool air. A repair technician will assess the reasons your coils froze. Some coils freeze over due to:

  • Poor air circulation from dirty air filters
  • Debris and obstructions on your outdoor unit
  • A refrigerant leak
HVAC repair crews address all these issues quickly, getting your AC back up and running.

Damage to Other AC Parts

Any part of your AC unit could break, including the blower motor, motor bearings, and belts. When you contact us for AC repair, we perform an assessment to find the cause of your problem and provide fast repairs.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Repair Near Me

Why do you want to find “air conditioning repair near me?” Working with a local AC repair team allows you to get back on your feet. You don’t have to wait for technicians to drive in from another city when you work with Rock Valley Services, Inc. We also provide our customers with personalized care. You’re our neighbors, not just our clients.

AC Repair vs. AC Replacement

AC repair Orfordville WI can resolve many issues for property owners around Orfordville, WI. However, in some cases, we recommend replacing your cooling system instead. Generally, replacement is a good idea if you have an older system or one that breaks down repeatedly. Purchasing a new model allows you to avoid repair costs. You may also reduce your energy expenses by installing a more energy-efficient model.

AC Service for Big and Small Problems

Our AC service team takes your needs seriously, regardless of the severity of your problem. We can replace a blown fuse, remove and replace your blower motor, and handle any of your other needs. Our highly skilled technicians are always learning more about air conditioning repair. We always put you first and take each job seriously. Find out more by contacting Rock Valley Services, Inc. in Orfordville, WI today at (608)247-4949!

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