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As a homeowner, you’ll encounter a variety of surprises–for better or for worse–each year. Sometimes, these surprises occur when you least expect them or when you’re least prepared to handle them. 

When your home appliances break down at the least opportune times, you can rely on our Rock Valley Services Inc. team, home of the best heating and air conditioning service in Edgerton, WI. 

We do standard maintenance and repair, same-day installation, and even emergency service when your appliances break down on nights, weekends, and holidays. Call us 24/7, and we’ll work with you to find an affordable and efficient solution. 

Read on to learn more about our services and how we can help your family manage your heating and cooling.

AC Repair in Edgerton, WI

Whether you run your AC all through the spring or just turn it on for the summer, you need it working properly so your family can stay cool through the warmer months. 

Like many home appliances, a good air conditioner needs proper maintenance to last a long time, regardless of how new it is. We offer an annual AC maintenance service that will help keep your unit running through the season. 

At Rock Valley Services, we repair all types of AC units, new or old. Whether you have a window unit, a central unit, or a ductless mini-split, we have the tools and the know-how to solve your unit’s problem and get it running like new. Trust us as your go-to cooling contractor in Edgerton.

AC Installation in Edgerton, WI

Sometimes, despite our efforts, an old AC might be beyond saving. Further still, running an old unit will cause your energy bills to spike–and your home might not even feel that much cooler. 

At Rock Valley Services, we work alongside you, advising you about when it’s time to purchase a new unit. We will help you find something affordable and efficient for the size of your home. 

Do some rooms in your home always feel too hot? Switching to a ductless mini-split system could solve your problems. Give us a call, and we’ll send a technician to your home to assess your situation and recommend the perfect AC unit for your family.

Furnace Repair in Edgerton, WI

Many homeowners get their furnace installed and forget about it. However, maintenance provides the key to a long life for your furnace. 

We handle furnace maintenance and repairs to ensure that your family stays warm through the brutal Wisconsin winter. Regular cleaning and tune-ups allow our technicians to locate minor problems before they become more significant–and more expensive–down the road. 

If you sport an older furnace, it makes sense fiscally to upgrade to a newer unit that will efficiently perform more energy. Call us at Rock Valley Services today to learn more about our energy-efficient furnace models. We’ll help you make the right choice for your family’s home and deliver a clean installation.

Heating Repair in Edgerton, WI

For homes with traditional heating, it’s even easier to forget maintenance, as you primarily interact with your system through the thermostat on your wall. 

In the U.S., asthma and allergies are on the rise, and an older unit that has not been cleaned or maintained in years can cause these problems to skyrocket. Additionally, dirty vents or ductwork can lead to you spending more on heating bills than you should. 

If you would like to set up a maintenance plan or want our opinion on whether or not you should upgrade, reach out to us at Rock Valley Services Inc. to send an experienced technician right to your door. We’ll get your heating, air conditioning, and thermostat issues under control in no time.

Boiler Repair in Edgerton, WI

Even though many homes across the country have switched to other heating methods, many older homes in Wisconsin still rely on boilers. Due to the scarcity, many homeowners have trouble finding a reliable boiler service company.

At Rock Valley Services, we specialize in comprehensive boiler service. We’ll get you up to speed on the latest in boiler technology, offering upgrades and newer models if we find your home’s boiler is too out of date. Sometimes, this means switching over to a ductless system or heat pump, but often we can make a boiler work if that’s what your family prefers.

We can expertly install and repair a range of heating appliances. Please make us your go-to choice for reliable heating and air conditioning service in Edgerton.

Reach Out to a Service Professional at Rock Valley Services Inc.

At Rock Valley Services, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Regardless of your HVAC needs, we will get an experienced technician out to you the same day you reach out to our team. 

Don’t delay—if you need immediate service, call us today at (608) 247-4949 to get the process started or learn more about our comprehensive heating and air conditioning services at Rock Valley Services in Edgerton, WI. 

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