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Does it always seem like you can’t quite get the perfect temperature throughout your home? You may need to hire a professional for air balancing.

Most people would love an HVAC system that maintains the same temperatures across different rooms in the house without extra help. However, that’s rarely the case.

Your HVAC system features multiple elements. If any of these go out of sync, you will notice uneven airflow and poorer temperature handling across your home.  

Are you in this situation? Rock Valley Services is a respectable HVAC company in Evansville you can call for air balancing in your home. Call 608-496-9988 to book an appointment.

What Is Air Balancing?

Air balancing is a process that ensures every room in your home receives the right amount of conditioned air to keep you comfortable in the summer or winter. Professional HVAC companies carry out air balancing during installation. However, your system may still need the occasional adjustment.

Without adequate air balancing, you’ll notice that setting one floor to the right temperature will leave other areas feeling too cold or too hot. You’ll also find rooms that never match the temperature in the rest of your home.

Top Signs Your Home Needs Air Balancing

Some top signs your home needs air balancing include:

  • Rising energy bills
  • Persistent cold or hot spots in specific parts of your home
  • Wild temperature swings (of more than two degrees) between rooms
  • Lower comfort overall

The Benefits of Air Balancing

Airflow affects the performance of your HVAC system a great deal. Poor airflow in your home will make your system work harder than normal. Correcting problems preventing balanced airflow can immediately make your HVAC system more efficient.

Below are some of the top benefits of air balancing.

Improved Lifespan for Your HVAC System

Adequate airflow decreases the amount of mold, dust, and buildup that collects in your air conditioning and heating system. Your HVAC system has a higher chance of reaching its advertised lifespan in combination with the increased efficiency that air balancing uniquely provides.

Better Comfort Indoors

Rooms that don’t receive enough air will be warmer and more humid in the summer and colder and drier in the winter. Air balancing ensures stable airflow, eliminating hot or cold spots around your home.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Improved airflow inside your home reduces the amount of pollen, dust, mold spores, and dander in the air. Frequently cycling air into your home is a sure way to reduce allergic reactions.

Why You Need Professional Air Balancing

There are many DIY approaches to air balancing online. However, most such tutorials assume that installing and adjusting dampers is enough to balance airflow. In many cases, that’s not the reality.

Professional air balancing looks at the whole air distribution system, taking measurements and performing tests to determine the best way to optimize the air in your home. The professional air balancing process may involve:

  • Adjusting fan speed
  • Replacing supply lines by changing undersized ducts
  • Fixing loose duct joints
  • Checking for negative air pressure
  • Installing dampers

When none of the above bring the right changes to the system, the HVAC professional may suggest changing the HVAC system completely.

What Is the Cost of Air Balancing?

It’s hard to put a number on the cost of air balancing. It’s a more complicated process than other HVAC projects. Therefore, it requires more specialized equipment and extra labor.

The total cost will come down to factors such as the size of your ducts, accessibility, and more. Overall, you should expect to pay around $700 to $2000 for air balancing in a typical single-family home.

Get Air Balancing From Your Local HVAC Professionals

Poor airflow in your home puts a lot of strain on your HVAC system. The components will wear out faster as they work harder and longer while failing to maintain the right temperature in your home. The results are more regular repairs and more frequent unit replacement.

Air balancing will save you money and increase your system’s longevity. Sometimes, we recommend DIY solutions. For example, here’s a post on how to deal with frozen AC coils.

However, air balancing is one of those problems requiring professional assessment. This is especially true for systems going without air balancing for a long time.

The experts at Rock Valley Services can help restore optimum airflow in your home. We will assess your system and provide long-lasting adjustments. Call us today at 608-496-9988 to book an appointment.


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