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Does a Ceiling Fan Help Air Conditioning Cool a Room?

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When the temperatures soar, most people start to think about the best way to stay cool without running up a hefty energy bill. Some people turn on the ceiling fan, but it’s never enough on its own. Others may combine it with an air conditioner to cool a room more effectively.

Does a ceiling fan help air conditioning? We’ll explore the argument in this article.

However, it’s important to note that a ceiling fan cannot remedy the effect of a damaged or dysfunctional air conditioning system. The HVAC service in Milton by Rock Valley Services can restore your system to optimal condition.

How Ceiling Fans Work

It often feels as if ceiling fans cool a room. However, they only create a cooling impression by moving the air in the room around and drying out the moisture on your skin.

The fan neither adds nor removes air from the room, so it doesn’t impact the indoor air quality. Neither does it have the mechanics required to change the temperature inside your home.

How Do Ceiling Fans Help Air Conditioning?

If ceiling fans can’t cool air, how do they help your air conditioning? They do it by moving the cooler air around faster and making you feel cooler than usual for the set temperature. It’s similar to the wind chill effect you might experience in winter.

As the fan blades rotate, they move the air downward. The windchill effect due to the air circulation will make you feel cooler. Thus, you can comfortably turn up the thermostat by a few degrees, giving your AC unit a break.

Ceiling fans only provide this benefit if the fan blades turn counterclockwise and force a downward draft. If your fan currently turns clockwise, turn off the fan and change the direction on the fan’s body or the ceiling fan remote.

So, does a ceiling fan help air conditioning? Yes. It makes you feel colder than usual to the point of being able to increase the thermostat temperature while remaining comfortable. Your AC will consume less energy and reduce wear and tear. Thus, you’ll save energy and money on repairs and maintenance.

How Much Money Can You Save by Using Your Ceiling Fan and Air Conditioner Together?

The amount of money you’ll save will vary depending on a few factors. Some of these are:

  • The age and state of your air conditioner
  • Your location
  • The quality of your home insulation
  • How frequently you use the system

However, you can expect to save up to 12% on your cooling costs by simply using the ceiling fan more often.

Important Tips To Keep in Mind When Using Ceiling Fans With Air Conditioners

We’ve established that ceiling fans can save money on cooling. Below are some tips that will help you explore the air conditioner and fan relationship to the fullest:

  • Use the right ceiling fan direction in the summer and spring months. Remember, it has to turn counterclockwise to create a wind chill effect.
  • Use the right ceiling fan size. A tiny ceiling fan in a large living room won’t help. Choose a unit suitable for the room’s dimensions.
  • Don’t forget to turn up the thermostat. Remember, a ceiling fan can’t save money if you maintain the original thermostat setting. Increase it by 4°F or higher to enjoy the full benefits of the combination.
  • Turn off the ceiling fan in an empty room. The chill effect only works on people in the room. Leaving the ceiling fan on when no one is in the room can reduce the energy gains from combining the fan and the air conditioner.
  • Improve your home insulation and adopt energy-friendly habits. If you’re losing cool air to openings around your home, you should consider calling in insulation experts. If you already have adequate insulation, then be sure to keep curtains drawn and doors closed in daylight.

Get Better Climate Control Today

Does a ceiling fan help air conditioning? Yes, it does. However, staying cool in the summer months goes beyond cranking up the ceiling fan. You must ensure your system is up to the task and cultivate the right habits to increase efficiency. For example, you need to know which vents to close in the summer.

At Rock Valley Services, we are happy to help our customers achieve better climate control. Call us today at 608-496-9988 for air conditioning system repairs and maintenance or for more advice on how to increase your system’s efficiency.

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