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You depend on your AC during the summer to keep you cool when you would otherwise be heated and flustered. Similarly, your HVAC unit relies on multiple components to provide cooling power. The refrigerant, a gas that attracts warm air that wafts over the evaporator coils and disposes of it outdoors, forms one of the most vital components for cooling. 

If your AC is out of refrigerant or runs low, warm air makes it past the evaporator coils and slips through your air conditioning vents. For Rock Valley Services, your heating and cooling experts in Beloit, WI, that’s not an option. Below we’ll examine the top four signs your AC is out of refrigerant and when to call us for assistance.

Warm Air Replacing the Cold 

Again, low refrigerant levels mean more warm air travels into rather than out of your home. As a result, standing in front of your supply vents won’t feel as comforting in 83-degree summer highs as it used to despite how much you lower the thermostat. 

Before racing to call us, check your air filters. If you haven’t changed or cleaned your filters in three or more months, you’ll notice dust, dander, and other debris clogging the mesh and restricting airflow. Airflow restrictions limit the cool air that comes through your vents, keeping your house warm. 

If your air filters are not the problem, you’ll need a professional like the ones at Rock Valley Services to refill your refrigerant levels. 

Ice on Your Unit 

Your air conditioner coil, which houses the refrigerant, remains at a temperature just above the freezing point. When your system runs low on refrigerant, the coil descends to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, and the moisture within and around the coil crystalizes. You’ll primarily notice frost on your evaporator coils, but any unit part may develop ice. 

If left untreated, you’ll notice more significant concerns, including warm or no air coming through the vents and short cycling from ice buildup. These problems may lead to a total breakdown of your unit, requiring a costly replacement. 

Higher Utility Costs 

Like we’ve said, when your AC is out of refrigerant, warmer air makes its way into your home, adding to your discomfort. Since your unit works by sensing the room temperature with its thermostat, it’ll note the constant influx of warm air and send signals to the AC to work harder and continuously to produce the set temperature. 

Not only does this raise your electricity bills, but it causes your unit to overheat and burn out, reducing its lifespan.

Strange Noises

Your unit naturally produces a low hum or vibrating sound since it indicates a steady working motor. However, when that humming turns into a buzzing sound you can’t ignore, you probably shouldn’t. 

Strange noises, such as rattling, clanking, and banging, can mean any number of things, from loose nuts and screws in the system to a worn-out compressor. A hissing or bubbling sound more specifically indicates a refrigerant leak that requires professional attention. 

These sounds originate from air escaping the coils since the refrigerant is currently in gas form. As your system loses refrigerant, not only will it cost more to recharge the Freon levels, but your system will refuse to produce cool air until you repair the leak. 

Why Are My Freon Levels Low?

When your AC is out of refrigerant, this can be an alarming discovery, especially since refrigerant levels should last the entire 10-to-15-year lifespan of your unit. Unfortunately, when your AC loses refrigerant through a leak, it can jeopardize your indoor air quality and the longevity of your system. The two main reasons for a leak include the following.

  • The formulation of formic acid: Formic acid comes from insects like bees and ants or existing formaldehyde in the system. It corrodes copper tubing, leading to pipe leaks that only regular maintenance can prevent. 
  • Years of weathering: Rubber seals around the coils and service valves allow the Freon to travel without escaping. Rust causes these seals to wear away and crack, leading to a refrigerant leak.

Professionalism With a Family Feel

When your AC is out of refrigerant, you need someone to seal the leaks and get your unit working as rapidly as possible to block heat from entering your home. However, that’s not all we do. From ceiling fan and air conditioning services to heating and air filtration, we provide 4.9-star services and top-of-the-line equipment.

Call Rock Valley Services in Beloit, WI, at 608-496-9907 for a free quote today!

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