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Signs You Need Furnace Repair Service

How do you know when you need furnace repair service in Brodhead, WI? You may notice several signs that your furnace needs fixing. 

The Furnace Makes Odd Sounds

Furnaces often begin making strange sounds when they break down. Expect some noises, like a short click when the furnace turns on. However, other sounds represent a cause for concern. Contact us if you hear:

  • Squealing from your outdoor unit.
  • Rumbling sounds in a gas furnace.
  • Clicking throughout the heating cycle.
  • Grinding noises,
Each sound represents a different problem. Our repair services team can assess the problem with your furnace and begin repairs quickly.

The Heater Stops Warming Your Home

You rely on your heater to keep your home warm in the winter. Unfortunately, problems can lead to uneven heating. Your heater may even start blowing cold air in some cases.

Increasing Energy Expenses

Some property owners notice a problem with their heating system when their energy expenses rise without explanation. Increasing bills often indicate that your heater is not working as effectively as it should.

Options for Furnace Repair Near Me

Are you looking for “furnace repair near me?” If so, reach out to our team for help today. Our skilled technicians assess your needs.

We have the training and experience to:

  • Check out the circuit breaker.
  • Replace a clogged filter.
  • Clean your blower motor or heat exchanger.
  • Replace a faulty thermostat.
  • Repair a leaking air duct.
  • Fix issues with a faulty flame sensor or gas valve.

Allow us to handle all your needs by contacting us for help today. Sometimes, getting your furnace operational again requires us to remove dirt and debris from your blower motor.

Benefits of Emergency Furnace Repair Near Me

If your furnace stops working in the middle of winter, we understand that you want to get help fast. In this situation, you probably want “emergency furnace repair near me.” Getting help from a local company means crews reach your property quickly.

We handle emergency services for our clients in Brodhead, WI. Our team has decades of experience to draw on when it comes to emergencies. We also use cutting-edge equipment to resolve all your issues quickly.

Please find out more by contacting us to set up an immediate repair appointment!

Review the Furnace Repair Cost

Are you wondering what to expect from the furnace repair cost? Generally, this cost varies based on the problem you have with your furnace.

It costs much less to change a dirty air filter than it will to replace a blower motor. We review the causes of your furnace breakdown and then provide you with an estimate for repair costs. 

In some situations, property owners find furnace repair too expensive. You may decide to replace your furnace if it keeps breaking down and requiring costly repairs. We handle furnace installation if you choose to get a new heating system. 

The national average furnace repair cost is around $310. You can read more about that in this article from Angi. Your furnace has many components that very greatly in price. A flame sensor or ignitor may cost less than $50 for the part, while a variable speed ECM blower motor may cost over $1,000. 

Find out more about your options by calling Rock Valley Services, Inc. in Brodhead, WI today at (608)-247-4949!

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