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Signs That Your Ducts Need Cleaning

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With spring upon us, we all know what that entails — spring cleaning! While the act of cleaning might not be everyone’s favorite cup of tea, it’s a good feeling when everything is picked up, organized, and clean. Obviously, this involves vacuuming and/or mopping the floors, wiping down surfaces, getting caught up on laundry. But have you ever considered your ducts? In this blog post, we’ll provide a few warning signs to look out for that you’re in need of duct cleaning services in southern Wisconsin. Contact Rock Valley HVAC today if you notice any of the following!

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High Energy Bills

No one enjoys spending money, especially when it can be avoided. If you’ve been noticing sudden spikes in your monthly heating and cooling bills for no apparent reason, such as an increase of usage or mechanical problems, then it’s very possible that your ducts are dirty and clogged. When the air can’t freely flow through the ducts, this causes your HVAC system to work extra hard to do its job. This, in turn, causes your energy bills to rise and for you to pay more money.

Insects and Rodents

Have you noticed any evidence of insects and/or rodents, or actually seen the unwelcome guests living in your air ducts? It should go without saying, but this is a clear sign that your air ducts need to be cleaned by a professional HVAC company! Overtime, the smell of their droppings will circulate throughout your household. This is not only unpleasant, but can even cause sickness to you and your family!

Visible Mold

Mold is known to make itself at home inside of air ducts. This is because the duct system is dark and moist which allows the mold to flourish. Mold and mildew are known to cause respiratory issues, skin irritation, eye irritation, and more, so when its spores are circulating around your home, this becomes a health issue. If you’ve seen mold in your ducts, or have begun noticing uncommon respiratory problems, the cleanliness of your ducts could be the cause.

Excessive Dust

When your ducts are in need for cleaning, there will be an excessive amount of dust in your home. So if you’ve noticed dust collecting very shortly after you clean, the ducts are the culprit! Be sure to check the supply and return vents in your house. Are they surrounded by dirt and dust? If so, guess what? It’s time to call in the HVAC experts for our air duct cleaning services!

Here at Rock Valley HVAC, Inc., we’re proud to offer comprehensive HVAC services to the residents of southern Wisconsin in towns such as Janesville, Beloit, Milton, and the surrounding areas. So if you have noticed any of the aforementioned warning signs of dirty air ducts, or require any other heating or cooling services, then don’t hesitate to contact us today! Our team is committed to providing our customers with reliable and professional work, and will make sure that we get the job done right — the first time.

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