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HVAC Customer Financing: When and Why Should You Consider It?

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If you need a new heating or air conditioning system, the cost could strain your budget. Rock Valley HVAC, the HVAC authority in Milton, WI, and other towns in the Janesville area, offers competitive HVAC customer financing. You can get a quality installation of the newest models from the most respected HVAC manufacturers. 

Before you resign yourself to the prospect of putting up with a struggling air conditioner this summer, consider whether financing could help you afford a new energy-efficient HVAC unit. Consider the pros and cons before entering into any customer financing agreement.

The first question to ask is whether your HVAC system needs replacing urgently. If a single part has broken and the rest of your HVAC system is in good shape, you might be able to put off replacement for several years by opting for repair instead of replacement, reducing or eliminating the need for financing.

If you need an HVAC replacement or installation of a different type of heating or cooling system, keep the following considerations in mind. If you have any questions about them, call Rock Valley HVAC.

Reasons to Consider Financing

At Rock Valley HVAC, we understand heating and air conditioning. When we set out to help our customers afford new HVAC systems, we turned to an established leader in consumer finance. 

Our partner lending institution, Synchrony Financial, has a history going back to 1932. Synchrony provides financing at attractive rates to millions of Americans. You can trust Synchrony to make the lending process transparent, convenient, and safe.

Consider the following reasons to take advantage of HVAC customer financing before starting your next project.

Avoid Dipping into Savings

Most financial advisors recommend keeping a financial reserve of up to six months of your typical expenses to cover emergencies like the loss of an income or any sudden medical expenses. 

A failing heater or air conditioner could certainly count as an emergency. However, dipping into your emergency funds could leave you unprepared should another emergency arise. Even if you need to call Rock Valley HVAC for an emergency repair or replacement, we can help you get financing quickly without delaying the service call.

Maintain a Consistent Budget

Financial planning requires commitment and a degree of consistency. Monthly deposits into investment funds and monthly budgeting for expenses are effective ways to make sure that you can make ends meet. A sudden expenditure of several thousand dollars could upend your routine. 

Don’t risk overdraft on your checking account or lose money in the long run by diverting money away from investments. Financing your next HVAC upgrade allows you to pay a manageable monthly payment. You won’t have to worry about how to cover the costs because you can tighten your monthly budget a little for the life of the loan.

Stay Ahead of Inflation

The early 2020s are turning into an inflationary period. Oil crises, supply disruptions, and pent-up demand for consumer goods are driving prices upward. The cost for an HVAC system and installation could increase markedly in a year. Securing a good price now could save you money, even taking interest into account.

Increase Your Credit Score

If you have had difficulty getting loans due to bad credit or no credit, HVAC financing can help. Credit card companies and lenders want to see that applicants have a track record of paying bills consistently. The Rock Valley HVAC will work hard to find you financing so you can grow your credit score while paying off the loan.

Reasons Not to Consider Financing

Financing your HVAC upgrade at a competitive rate allows you to reap the benefits of your new system almost immediately with the convenience of manageable monthly payments. However, financing might not be for everyone. Below are some reasons to consider alternatives to HVAC customer financing.

You Can Afford to Pay Cash

If you have a substantial reserve of cash available and are not worried that the expense of the HVAC upgrade will leave you short on funds at a later date, a cash payment can be a win-win. You get the immediate benefit of a new HVAC system without the need to fit monthly payments into your budget.

You Don’t Need to Replace Your HVAC Now

If your HVAC system is beginning to show its age and you think it might last a season or two, you might benefit by saving your money over time. To mitigate the loss of buying power due to inflation, consider investing the money to get a return when you withdraw the funds to pay for your new HVAC system.

Other Ways to Cover HVAC Installation Costs

We are confident at Rock Valley HVAC that you will like our HVAC customer financing options. However, consider alternative funding sources before committing to a financing agreement. 


The federal government and the state of Wisconsin offer rebates for energy-efficient appliances and home improvements. This can include heat pumps, energy-efficient furnaces, air conditioners, and smart thermostats. The availability of rebates can change over time, so be sure to research government programs and talk to an expert HVAC consultant before deciding.


At Rock Valley HVAC, we value your business, and we strive to make comfort and climate control affordable. If you are wary of taking on financing or want to keep the amount you borrow to a minimum, talk to us about opportunities for discounts. We will work with you to find the right combination of incentives and financing to suit your budget.

Replacing Only Part of the HVAC System

If your AC compressor or furnace is no longer working well, you might be able to save money by replacing only the cooling system or heating system while leaving the ductwork and the other system in place. The installation will go faster and cost less for parts and labor.

When replacing part of an HVAC system, prepare for another replacement in a few years when the other system reaches the end of its lifespan. One potential pitfall to worry about if you only install one part of an HVAC system is that the worn-out old parts will stress the new part, causing it to wear out prematurely.

Installing Other Equipment at the Same Time as the HVAC System

If you are installing another heating or cooling system, such as a tankless water heater or dehumidifier, consider saving money by having the HVAC technician install both it and the HVAC system at the same time. 

Taking Out a Home Equity Loan

Many homeowners choose to finance their HVAC upgrade through a home equity loan instead of HVAC customer financing through our partner lending institutions. Home equity loans can have attractive rates because the value of your home serves as collateral. Consult a financial advisor to determine whether a home equity loan is the right choice for you.

Discover Your Financing Options at Rock Valley HVAC

Learn more about HVAC financing from the Rock Valley HVAC website. View our comprehensive list of HVAC services and read reviews from satisfied customers, and let us help you take the step you need to maintain your property value and increase your enjoyment of your home.

Our quality heating, cooling, and air quality services are a sound investment in your home. With HVAC customer financing from Rock Valley HVAC, year-round comfort is within your reach. We offer a range of financing options at competitive interest rates in partnership with the financing company Synchrony Financial. Call 608-247-4949 today and ask us about our financing program.

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