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There are multiple things that could require you to have a furnace repair done.  To help avoid or catch these problems sooner, we recommend you have yearly maintenance done on both your furnace and air conditioner.  Below is a list of possible things to look for that could cause you to need a heating and furnace repair. 

1. Plugged Furnace Vents

Having plugged furnace vents could cause your furnace to turn off entirely which acts as a safety mechanism.  Without proper ventilation, carbon monoxide can build up in your home which isn’t good for your personal health or home.  Having plugged furnace vents can also decrease your energy efficiency.  Some ways that your furnace vents could get plugged are from kids putting toys in the vents, snow blowing in the vents, or even ice forming on your vents.  This could be avoided, but if you don’t catch it soon enough, it may require you to get your furnace repaired. 

outdoor furnace vent with ice under it going to plug it up.

2. Old Filters

Having a dirty or clogged filter could also be a reason why your furnace isn’t running properly and even result in having your furnace repaired.  If you have pets or a large number of people in your house you may need to change your furnace filter more often.  If your home isn’t heating very well, it may be a good idea to check your furnace filter.  If the filter is clogged, the furnace will struggle to get air through to heat your home.  Your furnace will overwork and overheat the heat exchanger causing it to not work.  The harder your furnace works, the quicker parts will wear out leading to needing repairs.  Changing your furnace filter will not only help your system, but it will also help improve your home’s indoor air quality.  We have an option on our website where you can buy your own furnace filter!  Just search your furnace filter size and have them delivered directly to your home.  You can even put them on a delivery schedule so you never forget to change your filter!  

Senior caucasian man looking at the dust in folded dirty air filter in the HVAC furnace system in basement of home

3. Broken Blower Components

Your furnace has a blower motor or fan that allows the furnace to push the hot air from the furnace into the ducts and into your home.  If you feel that you’re not getting air through the registers or blowing hot air, then it may be caused by your blower motor not working.  This could be caused by normal wear and tear over time or it could be due to the motor overheating or even excessive moisture in the furnace.  When dust, dirt, and debris build-up, it can cause the bearings to burn up more quickly causing you to need a furnace repair.  To help avoid this we recommend you have your yearly maintenance done on your furnace.

4. Old or Faulty Thermostat

If your furnace isn’t running like it should, check your thermostat first.  You should make sure it is on, in the right setting, and make sure the batteries are installed correctly and not dead.  We get calls because peoples’ furnaces are not running properly and we find that in some cases it is a simple fix of a new thermostat or new batteries for the thermostat.  Your thermostat detects the temperature in your home.  Based on that, it tells the furnace when to start heating.  A faulty thermostat could pick up the wrong temperature.  This leads your furnace to produce heat you don’t need or to stop producing heat when you need it.  Your thermostat may also have a problem with the messages it sends to the furnace which could be an electrical problem.  Our HVAC technician will be able to examine your thermostat and determine if there is an issue with the software or the hardware.  We will be able to either get your thermostat back up and running or replace it with a functioning one.

A woman is pressing the down button of a wall attached house thermostat with digital display showing temperature 70 degree Fahrenheit for heating, cooling, electricity and gas saving

5. Lack of Maintenance

Everyone is busy and sometimes forgets or overlooks important maintenance that needs to be done on your HVAC system to ensure it is running properly.  Having your system checked out regularly will help prevent problems from occurring or find an issue that could cause bigger furnace repairs and problems if not dealt with right away.  If you haven’t had your furnace maintenance done yet this year, then you should consider having it checked out.  If you have a busy life and forget about having the yearly maintenance done, then join one of our Comfort Club Memberships to not only save money, but we will reach out to you when it’s time for your yearly clean and check to set up a time to get that taken care of.  

6. Bad Limit Switch

A limit switch is a part in your furnace that makes sure it is not only running well but keeps your furnace safe too.  The limit switch detects the heat in the furnace and tells it when and when not to run the blower fan.  The limit switch also determines when the furnace is getting too hot which would then shut off the furnace’s burners to prevent severe damage.  If the limit switch is bad, then you may notice that the furnace constantly runs.  Having a bad limit switch could lead to bigger problems as it might lead to your system overheating.  In this case, you would want to call an HVAC technician right away to replace the switch. 

7. Ignition Failure

If you have an ignition failure, then your furnace cannot operate.  The ignition is what produces the spark to light the flame that then is used to heat your home.  These are easier furnace repairs but will leave you with no heat if you don’t get your system looked at and repaired. 

8. Dirty Flame Sensor

If you have a dirty or faulty flame sensor, then it will automatically shut down your system since it cannot detect a flame.  Most systems will then go into a safety ignition lockout when it has to shut down.  If your furnace doesn’t run properly, you would want to contact an HVAC technician right away to come over to check things out and clean or replace your flame sensor.  Having your furnace serviced regularly will help avoid this problem.  We have a checklist of items we look at to make sure your system is clean and working properly. 

9. Tripped Circuit breaker

Another reason why your furnace might not work properly and have you thinking you need a furnace repair may not have to do with your furnace at all.  It could be from your fuse box or circuit breaker.  You would want to check your fuse box to see if a fuse has blown or if one of the circuit breakers has tripped.  You may also want to check the power switch located on one of the sides of your furnace to make sure it is on.  It’s also a good idea to check that the front panel door is latched properly.  If this door isn’t secured properly some furnaces may not engage. 

10. Failed Pressure Switches

Your pressure switch is designed for safety, and if your pressure switch fails, your unit will go into a lockout and not operate. This will mean no gas is going to your furnace and leaving you and your home without heat.  Once you do not feel air blowing out of the vents, you should contact an HVAC technician to do a furnace and heating repair. 

Many of these problems can be avoided by getting your yearly maintenance done.  If not done, it may result in you having a furnace repair emergency. Not only will it help save your furnace to make it last longer, but it will also help save you money in the long run.  The furnace repair costs could be costly over time, so it is best to do regular maintenance on the equipment.  You can even schedule a furnace clean and check or a furnace repair online!

For more information, visit Rock Valley Services or give us a call at (608) 247-4949 and we will gladly help you out!

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